Sharing The Burden with Scott Duncan

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Scott and Julia Duncan founded ‘Sharing The Burden’,, which operates a support program for all members of troubled families. Their own experience taught them that, even when only one family member exhibits symptoms, everyone is affected and needs support. On June 8, 2012, they lost their son, Sean, to an overdose of fentanyl, a pain-relieving medication related to morphine but much more powerful. Sean, with his 20-year history of addiction and Scott, his father, both participated in family recovery for almost all the 20 years. Scott and Julia recognized that without this program of recovery they would not have achieved the years of intimacy from which they all benefitted. Scott thanks, God that Sean led him, his dad, to family recovery. “Traveling the pain of Sean’s addiction and my co-addiction as a team has been the highlight of my life,” he says, adding that “the future of our Fellowship will be Sean’s legacy”.

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