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Whistle FM is proud to support local business by promoting a “shop locally” campaign designed to inform every one of the qualities of our local merchants.

There are literally hundreds of different activity groups in Stouffville ranging from senior’s activities, to bridge, to swimming, skating, basketball, chess and pretty much anything else you can think of. Whistle FM is proud of the role we play in helping these organizations grow by broadcasting important information about their activities.

In 1984 the Stouffville Strawberry Festival was the town’s Canada Day celebrations teamed with the annual baseball tournament. Today it has grown into the second largest attraction in York Region with over 35,000 people visiting the Strawberry Festival each year. The Strawberry Festival is organized by a volunteer committee which has grown to more than […]

102.9 Whistle FM delivers local Stouffville information throughout the day. We feature local news weekdays starting at 5 AM, Stouffville traffic during Stouffville Morning, Community in a Minute and Freshwaves, our weekly magazine show.  We keep you updated with multiple weather updates every hour, around the clock. If it’s happening in Stouffville, you’ll hear about it on 102.9 […]

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